Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random weekend stories/thoughts

  • Great weekend in Marietta for the wedding of a friend from my first-year dorm at UVa. Good to see the old crew, looking no worse for the wear after all these years.
  • Why do we still let people smoke in bars?
  • I was called a "good looking brother" by a barfly on Friday night. I love the South.
  • Something really needs to be done about infants on planes. I sat beside a grandmother who held a six month old that screeched for the vast majority of the 4 1/2 hour flight back to San Francisco from Atlanta. It didn't help that the child had soiled himself and grand ma ma didn't do anything about it. To top it off, the TWIN of the screeching six month old, who was seated behind me, also screeched the entire time, terrorizing the entire back of the plane.
  • Purchasing beer at 11:50 p.m. from a Shell station on Saturday night to bypass the slow service at the hotel bar was the best move of the weekend.
  • It is very, very strange to see a former flame happily married.
  • Throw up that W...Warriors up 3-1 on the Mavs!
  • Should you ever end up in Marietta, Ga don't walk back to the Conference Center from Hemmingway's bar.
  • What's gotten into the San Francisco 49'ers? Two great draft picks in the first round AND they scored D Jax in a trade from Seattle. I love it.
  • I get to do the wedding thing again this coming weekend in Chico, CA. I've heard so much about this place had better deliver.

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