Tuesday, October 31, 2006

South Park: "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy"

I haven't watched South Park with any regularity since I was in college, but every now and again I catch it and it's still hysterical. Last week's episode ("ripped from the headlines" a la Law & Order), involves Kyle's kindergarten-aged brother, Ike, being molested by his female teacher. Cartman figures into the episode as the hall monitor who puts the brakes on the forbidden lovers...a hall monitor who looks, sounds and acts just like famous, incarcerated bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman. Cartman has some gold lines:

-"You got a hall pass, bra?"
-"You just dealt with the dog, bitch."
-"You got a crush on your teacher, bra? Keep it out of my hallway! Go with Christ."
-"Jesus is Lord...you can go one direction in life or you can just walk around hallways without a hall pass...or you can see the light, bra."

There's also brilliant placement of REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling". Catch the repeat.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Speaking of religion...

Matt Yglesias makes an interesting, if controversial point:

On this view, a person who led an entirely exemplary life in terms of his impact on the world (would an example help? Gandhi, maybe?) but who didn't accept Jesus as his personal savior would be subjected to a life of eternal torment after his death and we're supposed to understand that as a right and just outcome. That, I think, is seriously messed up.

But I shouldn't say so!

As Matt points out, this is something that, for the most part, just isn't said. And, clearly, there are reasons this view doesn't get much airplay in our public discourse (challenging the validity of one's religious beliefs is still pretty taboo in America). I have to agree with Matt's general point here; if a person lives what many would consider a "good" life but doesn't claim a particular deity as their personal savior, have all their positive contributions been for naught? I'm not prepared to say yes to that.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Simple Answers to Simple Questions

So I'm stealing one of Atrios' bits...

Should a person who is actively questioning his abilities and having a crisis of confidence be reading a book that challenges the ideas of faith and belief?


This has been an addition of simple answers to simple questions.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall tunes

Inspired by this post, I humbly submit some of my own sounds of the season. I would agree with Catherine's selection of Wilco's "Being There" (my favortie song from disc 1, "Far Far Away") and to that I would add these songs/albums:

"Cole's Corner" Richard Hawley
"Ice Age" Pete Yorn
"Barfly" & "Empty" Ray LaMontange
"Night Driver" Tom Petty
"Meet Me By the Water" Rachel Yamagata
"New York City Serenade" and "If I Should Fall Behind" Bruce Springsteen
"The Boxer" Simon & Garfunkle (probably more of a winter song, but still)
"All of My Days" Alexi Murdoch
"NYC" Interpol
"It's All in the Game" Van Morrison
"Black Dress", "These Crimson Tears" & "This One's For You" Ed Harcourt (I recommend the solo piano version of the later song if you can find it)
"Stay out of Trouble" Kings of Convenience
"Lay Lady Lay" Bob Dylan (A strong contender for THE best Dylan song of all-time, IMO)
"Fireflies" Rhett Miller & Rachel Yamagata
Anything from "O" by Damien Rice
"Every Little Kiss" Bruce Hornsby (this song always reminds me of the fall in Virginia)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Teh Awesum

So the S.F. crew did a party trolley this past weekend (organized by moi). I did not perform my due diligence and was shocked to learn on trolley eve that the laws governing alcohol on board our alcoholic chariots had been changed so that booze was no longer allowed on the trolley (thus making it nothing more than highly conspicuous designated driver). However, due to the efforts of friend and former room mate Andy Ross, we were able to upgrade from trolley to "rock star" bus (and it was literally a rock star bus: 3 flat screens, a bar, fridge, bathroom, ridiculous sound system). Needless to say, our evening of medium pimpin jumped a few levels rather quickly. Trader Sam's scorpion bowls were well received (as always) as were the Twinkies at Butter (tasty). We ended at Monaghan's (aka Cheers) where the reliable Patrick and Jimmy took care of the rest of the night.

Now, I made a scene with the girlfriend, Heidi (which was all my fault), so I almost ruined what was otherwise a very fun night. Note to self: don't be an asshole.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Make it stop! (Part II)

No blogging lately on account of several trips (San Diego for fun, Pasadena for work, Charlottesville and D.C. for a job interview) and now Reunion Homecoming at Stanford this weekend. Not to mention a trolley party that I'm running on Saturday in the city...no rest for the weary (or the highly disorganized).

Good things from my travels:
-Amazingly bad Rolling Stones cover band in San Diego
-Hoboken Pizza in Pacific Beach. Late night slices and Bruce Springsteen. Word.
-Marzen and Cinnabon in the San Jose Airport
-Amazing Cuban food at Porto's in Glendale (H/T Emily)
-30th high school reunions taking place in my hotel. People watching galore.
-The 3 cheese waffle cut fries and a burger at Coupe's in Charlottesville
-A BYOB jazz bar in D.C. called HR-57. Jack Daniels+ Ginger Ale + live, hot jazz = a good night (and a bad hangover...just kidding, mom)

Thursday, October 05, 2006


The Bay Area seems to have skipped its traditional Indian summer and jumped straight into fall. The skies have gone grey and yesterday produced the first rain of the season. The mornings are cool. The daylight is getting shorter.

I am sitting here at my desk, packed and about to head out in 20 minutes to catch a flight back east for a job interview. I'm excited because I get to spend a few days in a place that's very near and dear to me (Charlottesville, VA, where I went to college), but I find myself confused over the opportunity that awaits me there. The job that I have now is wonderful in so many ways, but, as anyone who truly knows me would suggest, working for UVa would seem to be even more of a "dream job" than my current one. We'll see.

I find it interesting that I will be leaving San Francisco and its faux fall (grey skies and rain) for the weekeend to head back into the "real" fall of central Virginia...I hope that the leaves have changed on The Lawn. I've always found that walking around Jefferson's Academical Village this time of year to be inspiring.

As I sat outside of Za pizza last night contemplating my future, I stared at the slight rain falling quietly, making Russian Hill feel even more the quaint hamlet it almost certainly aspires to be. I felt at peace, even though I'm about to face one of the biggest decisions I've had in recent years. Seasons bring change and for once, I feel ready to embrace it...whether that means staying put at my new job with expanded responsibilities, or jumping into the great wide open with the new position.

I feel like this could be the start of an important part of my life...I sit just a month away from my 29th birthday and need to recognize that life, like my sister says, is not a dress rehearsal; we only get one shot at it. I think it's time to for me to embrace change and not live in fear of the new or different.

Here's to the new.