Monday, August 13, 2007


Had the chance to check out both The Bourne Ultimatum and SiCKO over the weekend. Jason Bourne = minor diety. Mr. Moore's newest film is pretty decent...though I'm almost certainly in Moore's wheelhouse in terms of target audience, I have a pretty strong aversion to his work, mostly because it's so sensationalized. I'm not a strident partisan, so I don't like blatant agitprop, and Moore is more skilled than most in building his movies with a particular slant. A neutral filmmaker, he is not. All that said, having navigated some of America's labyrinthine insurance industry in dealing with my arthritis, I am sympathetic to much of what is presented in the picture and I found the examinations of the nationalized health systems in Canada, England, France and Cuba (!) very interesting (and, I suspect those portions of the movie will be rather eye-opening to a lot of Americans). While the movie certainly comes down on the side of the little guy versus the big, bad insurance companies, in this case, I think the vast majority of Americans will want the little guy to wins this one in the end.

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