Sunday, January 14, 2007

Andrew Sullivan finds shovel, digs hole

Andrew Sullivan performs some slight of hand, casting former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson as a liberal.

This tired act has played itself out countless times on the Right over the past few years. A dyed in the wool conservative, such as Gerson, has his core beliefs shaken by watching how Bush has corrupted the philosophy that governs his worldview, questions the movement that he committed his life to, and then gets branded a heretic for daring to re-examine his views.

This is especially ironic coming from Sullivan, since he's also been commenting on how other conservatives have been bashing Rod Dreher for his recent come to Jesus moment.

I understand Sullivan (and others like him) wanting to protect ideas that they have spent the bulk of their adult life advancing, but this "you're a conservative...until you're not" sort of character assassination is truly mind-numbing to watch.

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