Thursday, January 25, 2007

30 second new bar review

Made it out to the newest Vintage 415 venture, The Ambassador, this past weekend. Located right across the street from Rye in the increasingly jumping Union Square area, the bar at first looks like a complete knock off of Mr. Smith's: high ceilings, nice lights fixtures, open air second deck. To help give the place its own personality, there are large, black leather booths located along the wall opposite the bar that have old rotary style phones built in to them (presumably so you can call and flirt with other tables). The music was mostly hip hop, spun by a slightly nebbish looking hipster with glasses who looked as if he were being swallowed by the large, canary yellow sweater he was sporting (further sartorial aside: the d.j. also wore a plaid tie and had his baseball hat turned to the these days). The drinks were expensive ($6-$9 range for call liquor) and were a little on the weak side. There's table service at the booths (with decidedly New York prices), but all in all I would recommend checking it out. I never got a chance to scope out the second floor, so further investigation will be needed.

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