Thursday, October 12, 2006

Make it stop! (Part II)

No blogging lately on account of several trips (San Diego for fun, Pasadena for work, Charlottesville and D.C. for a job interview) and now Reunion Homecoming at Stanford this weekend. Not to mention a trolley party that I'm running on Saturday in the rest for the weary (or the highly disorganized).

Good things from my travels:
-Amazingly bad Rolling Stones cover band in San Diego
-Hoboken Pizza in Pacific Beach. Late night slices and Bruce Springsteen. Word.
-Marzen and Cinnabon in the San Jose Airport
-Amazing Cuban food at Porto's in Glendale (H/T Emily)
-30th high school reunions taking place in my hotel. People watching galore.
-The 3 cheese waffle cut fries and a burger at Coupe's in Charlottesville
-A BYOB jazz bar in D.C. called HR-57. Jack Daniels+ Ginger Ale + live, hot jazz = a good night (and a bad hangover...just kidding, mom)

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