Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday

It's like Christmas Eve for political junkies. 22 states go to the polls tomorrow on a day that might end with the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees basically decided. Since my preferred candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, is still behind Sen. Hillary Clinton in most of the polling, I am just hoping for the equivalent of a draw tomorrow. Clinton's vast name recognition, her long standing in Democratic politics, her formidable campaign machine and, yes, Bill, have helped her maintain a strong lead in most of the big states voting tomorrow (the biggest prizes being California and her home state of New York). Obama has been riding a huge wave that started last weekend with the Kennedy family endorsements, and continued into this week with endorsements from the Los Angeles Times and La Opinion, an influential Latino newspaper. The Obama family was all over California with a star-studded this past weekend, as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy rallied in Nor Cal while Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy, and Maria Shriver spread the message in Southern California. There was this viral ad that is still burning up the interwebs. And if visible canvassing the day before an election means anything, I saw LOTS of Obama folks out after work today in Palo Alto and back in San Francisco.

And yet I fear it's all too little, too late. If Obama comes out of the day down by 100 delegates or less, I'd consider it a victory. But the polls have been off so much so far and I think the closing of the gap might prove to be an illusion. We'll see. I would hate to see the dream fade tomorrow, but I'm worried.

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