Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Regardless of the spin that comes out of the campaigns tomorrow, Super Tuesday, at least for the Democrats, was a draw. Yes, Clinton got the big ones (NY, CA, and, in a sharp rebuke of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, Mass), but Obama got crushing wins in all parts of the country, stole a state in Clinton's back yard (Conn.) and scored a come from behind win in Missouri.

This thing is going to keep going for awhile. I had a bad feeling when the early numbers started rolling in, but things didn't get out of hand. With some states coming up for Obama that look good, I think he's got to be happy with tonight's results.

On the Republican side...can we call it already? McCain is going to be the nominee. He got big wins in NY, CA, and Missouri and Mike Huckabee cut Mitt Romney's legs out from under him.

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