Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is the second time in two weeks that Andrew Sullivan has driven me bat shit crazy.

Before heading to work this morning, I read this post and it really pissed me off. I tried not to think about it at all today, but found myself still bothered by it, so now I just need to vent.

Sully writes:
Personal responsibility is also one of them. When I think of a gay person who lives responsibly, saves his or her money, goes to church, contributes to charity and settles down in a stable relationship, I think: conservative. When such a couple wants to get married, I think: conservative. When such a person decides to serve his country in the military, I think: conservative.

Remove, if you will, the "gay conservatives" focus of the original post and examine the rubbish left behind. The implied meaning is that, whenever he thinks of the opposite of conservatism...say it with me now...what's the word...ah, yes...liberalism, he envisions a group of people out of control and utterly reckless...a collection of unpatriotic, fornicating heathens who are unfamiliar with the concepts of monogamy (or personal finance).

The values that Sullivan attempts to claim in the name of conservatism are values that many (most?) Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, strive for. But, no...liberals and Democrats couldn't do things like serve in the military , or have lasting, committed marriages, or be charitable with their wealth.

This is dreck of the worst sort by a person who is capable of far better...or perhaps I'm giving too much credit to Mr. Sullivan here. This is the same person who (still) proudly boasts of his involvement in printing extended excerpts from Charles Murry's odious work, The Bell Curve in the pages of The New Republic. I keep hoping he'll elevate the conversation, but he keeps letting me down.

To further sully the discourse -pun fully intended- Sullivan (who seems to have take a recent liking to smearing entire groups of people..."pc liberals" here), acts shocked that someone else might react to his snark with indignation.

Seriously...what the hell is going on here?

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