Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday night TV blogging

I figure that since I watch both 24 and Heroes, I need to start running down the recent developments.

Great episode. Peter is finally starting to get control over his powers (which are considerable, when you examine what he's absorbed so far: flight, telekinesis, regeneration, premonition, invisibility). Good to see him start to become a bit of a bad ass instead of a pushover.

Interesting to see that Hiro seems to have gotten his powers back (under duress...maybe they never left at all?), but a bummer that he seems to be parting ways with Ando.

Claire is starting to push back against her dad's deceptions and this is the second time in recent weeks we've seen Mr. Bennett lose control of a situation (first there was Sylar breaking out of prison and going after his wife, now this). Looks like things get worse for him next week when Parkman and Radioactive Man (and the random Israeli chick?) look to get some answers.

Mohindar is a pretty dim bulb for such a smart guy. In the last two weeks, Sylar has totally taken two new powers from people he's murdered with Mohindar in the immediate vicinity. It's going to be interesting to see if Sylar can control the power he acquired last night (the ability to hear practically anything, including heartbeats).

Well, so much for Simone, huh? Nice shot Isaac!

Also, it was nice to NOT see any of the Nikki/Micha/D.L. arc. Let's just figure out what the hell is wrong with Nikki/Jessica and move on, ok?


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