Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Playoffs? Playoffs?!?"

Gene Wojciechowski airs his frustrations with the BCS. I can't really disagree with the absurdity of the BCS formula, but I don't have any real problem with USC going to the title game against Ohio State. For all of those who want to see a re-match of OSU/Michigan, I would simply say that the Wolverines had their shot...and blew it. You can argue all day about USC being better than Michigan (or vice versa) but I personally think there were would be more excitement for a "fresh" game rather than Game of the Century (TM), Part Deux.

I will agree entirely with Wojo's take that Div. 1A football simply needs to go to a playoff system and be done with the foolishness that the BCS entails. One of the more common arguments against a playoff is that it would render the current bowl system, useless. I find that unconvincing. There's already an unofficial hierarchy to the bowl games, so just integrating the lower bowls into the playoff system, I think, would not be exceptionally difficult. It would undoubtedly raise the profile of some of the lesser bowls since there would actually be something riding on them and the potential for intriguing match-ups would be high (Louisville-Michigan? LSU-Wisconsin? Notre Dame-WVU?)

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