Thursday, November 09, 2006

Monday night's Van Morrison/Rolling Stones concert

Things have been so busy with the election and what not, but I would be remiss if I didn't get in a few comments about the Van Morrison/Rolling Stones show at the Oakland Coliseum Monday night.

Quick highlights:

Van Morrison - Broke out some great older tunes in addition to the crowd pleasers ("Moondance", "Wild Night", "Brown Eyed Girl"). Especially welcome were personal favorites "Cleaning Windows", "Real Real Gone" and the more obscure "One Irish Rover".

Rolling Stones - Mick Jager might be in his 60's, but he runs around like a dude in his 20's. A hyper-kinetic ball of energy. Keith Richards looks like an especially eccentric homeless man, but he still shreds. The Stones sound great (really) and if this was their last tour (who believes this?) they went out on top .

Set list below:
1. Jumpin Jack Flash
2. It's Only Rock n Roll
3. Let's Spend the Night Together
4. She Was Hot
6. Streets of Love
7. Bitch
8. Midnight Rambler
9. Tumbling Dice
10. You Got the Silver
11. Connection
12. Under My Thumb
13. Just My Imagination
14. Start Me Up
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy for the Devil
17. Paint It Black
18. Brown Sugar
19. Satisfaction

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