Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random San Francisco Things I've Never Done (Until Tonight)

Due to Oracle World (note to Larry Ellison: Please hold this shit show at your mansion outside of the city next year, K TKS), traffic has been snarled all week south of Market. After jumping off the 45 at 3rd and Howard, I walked into Union Square on an unseasonably warm mid-November night (mid 60' warming's upside?) and ended up taking the Hyde St cable car home. I've often avoided the cable cars because, just like Fisherman's Wharf, they are tourist traps. However, having the chance to ride up through Union Square, over Nob Hill, through upper Chinatown and then over Russian Hill was a complete treat. Hanging out one side of the car with a live rendition of "Incident on 57th Street" playing on my iPod as we snaked up the steep San Francisco hills was yet another reminder of how incredible this place is.

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