Thursday, July 12, 2007


Young Ezra is frustrated:

Delta Dental is currently arguing that my root canal -- done at an in-network dentist -- does not merit much in the way of reimbursement, and is telling me that my share of the procedure comes out to around $2,000. A procedure, mind you, that's already been done, and that appeared to be fully covered. A procedure, too, that was by all accounts medically necessary. This is what you get when your insurer makes its money by not paying for your claims. I'm pretty sure that this will eventually be covered, but not without a lot of hassle and argument, all of which is designed to convince me that it's not worth the trouble and I should just fork over the cash, which would then count as pure profit for them.

This is how they earn money, people. This is how it works.

I, too, have Delta, but thankfully have not had to go in for any major dental work in the last few years. I did, however, have to get orthotics for my flat ass feet and my HMO (PacificCare), in its infinite wisdom, decided that this was a "cosmetic" procedure, and, as such, is not coverable.

So getting me these things now to help my walking for $400 isn't cheaper than the long range prospect of having to treat back/spinal issues that could arise from the problems with my feet?


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