Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love and Happiness...Indeed

To the considerable surprise of a great many people (myself included), my sister eloped this past weekend and tied the knot in Las Vegas. My mom was "shocked" at the news, but, to me at least, this made perfect sense; my sister, ever the rational attorney, found a sense of reckless abandon in a deep and obvious love and took a chance. I could not be more happy (and, judging from the pictures of the ceremony, neither could she).

To keep this from becoming a completely maudlin post, I shall make this brief. Tracy and I are 11 years apart (though we don't look it), but since I've become an adult, our relationship has evolved from its early beginnings with me being a spoiled brat and she being the highly tolerant, over-achieving (but very loving) overseer to...me being a slightly less spoiled brat and she, the highly tolerant, over-achieving (but very loving) world beater. In all seriousness, we now act as each other's sounding boards, and, on occasion, we function as mischievous co-conspirators, as only brother and sister can.

I am not an overly religious person, but from time to time, I find myself contemplating the existence of heaven and hell, saints, sinners and angels. Guardian angels specifically. If ever there was such a thing, I feel confident in saying I know one and she continues to look over me at all times and from all places. It is beyond comforting to have that kind of presence in your life.

Tracy Michele, I love you dearly and I am overjoyed at what you have found. No one I know deserves this more than you. No one.

To Brian, welcome! I promise we're not all crazy (not all the time at least). Basic rules:
-Don't speak ill of Georgetown, the University of Virginia, or the New York Giants. Past that, you can figure out the rest.

All of my love to both of you.


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