Thursday, May 31, 2007

Voxtrot at the Great American Music Hall, 5/30

Caught the kids from Austin last night with Lindsay, Rebecca, and Victoria after pizzas at Olive. Voxtrot, as expected, were full of energy and very upbeat. They played the majority of their self titled long play, opening with "Introduction" and "Kid Gloves". "Ghost", my favorite song off the new album, followed and Ramesh took over on piano for the next three songs (he commented that he's "not a very good piano player"). He got by just fine on "Ghost", "Steven" and "Soft & Warm". That was followed by "Brother in Conflict" and "Your Biggest Fan". If I recall, they snuck in a spirited version of "Fast Asleep" and closed the set with two more favorites, "Raised By Wolves" and "The Start of Something". Ramesh came on to do a solo acoustic reading of "The Future, Pt.1" as an encore.

It should be said that these guys are kids (I think the majority of the band, including lead singer Ramesh) are probably under 25 (if they're even that old) but their enthusiasm is infections and pockets of bespectacled hipsters danced like nobody was watching and the folks in the balcony had a blast. You couldn't help but tap your foot and nod your head as the band made their way through the set and you can tell that they really like playing together and that they're also in the process of building a formidable stage presence (Ramesh might need to tone down the arm flailing a bit,though). I will definitely check them out again the next time they are in the area.

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