Thursday, August 31, 2006

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hit the Monet in Normandy exhibit bright and early last Sunday with the lovely Heidi and the lovely Whitney. Whit's just had surgery on her ACL so we decided we could snag one of the limited number of wheelchairs for her by getting there when the museum opened for the day (with the fringe benefit of bypassing the crowds). We were able to achieve only one of our modest goals. Wheelchair? Check. Crazy lines? Um...wth? For reasons that remain murky, we found ourselves in a slow moving line just to get into the exhibit...we hypothesized that perhaps the looming closure of the Bay Bridge for Labor Day weekend drove East Bay art nuts into the city to get a view of the exhibit before it skips town. In any event, we were reduced to viewing the paintings as part of a herd, which was less than enjoyable, but high art is tough, you know? After departing the Legion of Honor, we headed for brunch at Perry's (after which a Sunday Swerve began...I obstained). Not a bad Sunday...not bad at all.

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