Friday, April 14, 2006


Friday's edition of the USA Today has an interesting story on the Bay Area's "hyphy" craze. For the uninitiated, the invaluable Wikipedia has the full history here. Short version: Hip-hop heads in the East Bay and San Francisco got pissed that the larger hip-hop community wasn't giving love to trends started here, so the "hyphy movement" is their response. The music and culture of hyphy are endemic to the Bay Area, much as "crunk" is considered a strictly Southern thing. Known for its rough and pulverizing beats, kids are said to "get hyphy" when then basically lose control on the dance floor.

Underground hip-hop cultures are well-known for their tendency to spawn voluminous levels of slang, and the hyphy culture is no different. E-40, a Bay Area rapper and noted purveyor of street lingo, may have outdone himself with his new lexicon. So rich is the language of hyphy that USAToday felt the need to include a cheat sheet of hyphy slang. Make sure to sport your Stunna Shades while flamboasting to your co-workers on Monday, regaling them with tales of how you were ghostriding your whip down Marina Boulevard.

However, make sure your game is don't want to get clowned like this guy surely did.

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